Prosocial and conflict - The Coming Down to Earth event

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2020

I was interviewed about Prosocial for the global Coming Down to Earth event by the wonderful Nuno da Silva in early July 2020.

I met Nuno when he did a Prosocial for Sustainability course with myself, David Sloan Wilson and James Dyke early in 2020 with a team from the Transition Network. Nuno is the Curator of The Emergence Network and Co-creator of RIPPLES of the New eXperiment; a catalyst for the Art of Hosting community in Portugal, a founding member of FESCOOP – the first ethical finance cooperative in Portugal, trainer in the Portuguese hub of the Transition Network and a contributor to the Transition Global Movement, a member of the Portuguese NGO Development Platform and the Council of Europe Pools of Trainers and a catalyst for the European and Global community of Reflexive Social Practice collaborating with the Proteus Initiative.

Some points of interest in our interview:

7' 50'' What is Prosocial?

14' 20" How might Prosocial be useful in the context of conflict?

25' 50" We are continuously evolving in every moment

28' 30" Matrix tool is a way of mapping the two worlds of how our verbal/cultural evolution is impacting upon our physical evolution.

31' 30" Many of us carry trauma that influences how we engage with conflict. The matrix can be helpful.

35' 00" Trust arises when vulnerability is met with reinforcement not punishment.

36' 50" The matrix has helped Nuno contact aspects that we do not normally disclose in groups. Thus it can help a group go deeper than it otherwise would.

39' 00 Creating a knowing where we re bigger than our thoughts, and more aware of our shared purpose. Prosocial is a pragmatic stance.

42' 14" What have we seen happen when we use Prosocial with groups? More intentional behaviour, some unfreezing of historical conflicts that were undiscussable, increasing recognition that small groups can be a powerful alternative to top-down regulation and bottom-up markets.

48' 30" Nuno tells a lovely story of a martial art master who connects as a human instead of fighting. It is a beautiful example of how we could reach beyond seeing others as bad or wrong. Can we get beyond the fundamental attribution error and its impacts on conflict?

Photo by Jonathan Harrison on Unsplash


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